Cake "Caprice"

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2 eggs

1 glass sugar

2 Art. l. cocoa

1 glass flour
some flour to choose? we'll show

1 h. l. baking powder


500 ml strawberry yogurt

500 ml pineapple yogurt

2 packs of instant gelatin

0.5 glass sugar

400 g cottage cheese

1 glass milk


1 Bank of condensed milk

200 g butter

1/2 pack of chocolate

For the dough whisk eggs with sugar, then add the remaining ingredients and bake in the oven. Cool. Heat the 1/2 Art. the milk to boiling and pour bag gelatin, stir until dissolved. 1/4 Art. sugar rub with 200 gr. cottage cheese and strawberry yogurt. Add dissolved gelatin. Just heat the remaining milk and a packet of gelatin dissolves. Rub the remaining cheese with sugar and introduce pineapple yogurt. Then dissolved gelatin. For half an hour the two masses in the refrigerator.

Take the form of a little less than that in which the baked cake. Trim the edges and finely crumble, they are going to go to the yogurt. Divide roughly in half in different colors. Bowl lined with plastic wrap and spread turns red and yellow yogurt. Top placing the cake and remove overnight in the refrigerator. (Well, if it is very hot, it's probably about three hours to cool it. For a very limited use can be put on 30 minutes in the freezer, and then in the fridge).

Whisk butter with condensed milk and cake decorating. Melt the chocolate and pour a thin stream of envelopes.

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