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picture - Cake with roses

4 eggs

cup flour
some flour to choose? we'll show

200 g sugar

Roses - the main decoration of the cake. They will cook the most difficult: we'll have to form the petals of another hot cakes, so it pays to prepare for the test of the cook. Prepare roses from a very thin dough.

All this is mixed in biscuit dough and poured onto the heated pan. Only one of the cakes should be like a small cake: the test should not be used more than a third of a tablespoon for each cake. Once the edges begin to brown cakes, you can get a first flap and immediately form it around ordinary straw. Then you can proceed to the next.

Second, directly cake. It will consist of 16 thin cakes.

Here we need

cup of sugar

about 100g butter (butter

2 eggs

baking soda (tea

spoon of honey (dining room

Method of preparation.

All ingredients except sodium, and systematically need stirring, bring on a steam bath to dissolve the sugar. Then add soda, shake the mixture to a level of consistency of sour cream and remove from heat. Flour in the dough you need to add as much as it takes. Then you can move on to baking cakes.

Thirdly, cream.

For him, it is necessary to prepare:

sugar and milk (one glass

eggs (a couple

Butter (250-300 g

Preparation: half a cup of sugar is boiled with milk, and its second half - frays with eggs. Then, the second mixture is poured into the first and all boiled together until they become the first signs of boiling. Then the cream is removed from the heat, cool and mix with the softened butter. Lubricated cream cakes so abundantly as possible, and they need to soak for at least 12-14 hours.

Fourth, the final bar decor - glaze under the rose.

You will need

milk and cocoa (2 scoops

cup of sugar

spoon of butter.

Preparation: boil all together until the first bubbles, with constant stirring. Then glaze need to cool and pour over cake.

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