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picture - School mealsNot every mom knows how to feed your baby. This question is especially acute during the school year. The child eats sandwiches every day, dry breakfasts. But because of this power often have digestive or bowel disease.

Norma calories for children younger classes - 2400 kcal. Mom should make for a child diet. That he was right, it should take into account the child's weight and the products to which the child has an allergy. According to nutritionists, better breakfast omelette or boiled eggs, and breakfast good fit any milk porridge or fruit.

picture - School mealsThe diet of children in lower grades must be present carbohydrates, they are a source of energy. Sometimes the student can be eaten for breakfast cooked sausage or sausage. They contain fats help dissolve vitamins A and D, which allows them to better assimilate. Source of calcium is cheese. At breakfast, the child can drink fruit tea, cocoa or fruit juice, which strengthen the immune system.

In the school the child is recommended to give a fruit, muffin or pastry with cereals. To quench your thirst suitable water or natural juice.

For lunch, the child is better to prepare vegetable salad. Proper nutrition should be taught from childhood. After the salad for dinner suit soup or vegetable soup. On the second - steamed vegetables, meatballs or a small piece of chicken, steamed. We should not forget about the bread - the main source of carbohydrates. The third child prepare compote of fruit or fruit juice.

Sweet baby needs for mental activity, so during homework offer him candy or chocolate. In small quantities, they will not harm the student.

Day of the child, especially first-grader, it is useful to have a sleep. It is desirable to walk in the fresh air.

For dinner, the child prepare a light meal, it perfectly suited dumplings or steamed vegetables. At night you can enjoy drinking yogurt, milk or yogurt.

Wpicture - School mealsPupils in lower grades must adhere to the following diet:

First breakfast - 7.30-8.00

Lunch (at school) - 10.00-11.00

Lunch necessarily hot - 12.30-13.00.

Snack - 15.30-16.00

Dinner - 19.00-19-30.

After 19.30 you can drink kefir or milk.

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