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What you need:

500 g the cheese market

2 PCs yolks

0,5 glass sugar

2,5 tbsp. milk
what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show

100 g butter

1 tsp. vanilla sugar

100 g candied colored

2 tbsp. walnuts chopped

Cheese squeeze through 2 layers of gauze, then RUB through a sieve.

Mix yolks with sugar, add the milk. Put the mixture on a water bath and heat, stirring, until thick. To boil not to bring.

Pour the hot mixture into a large bowl, add butter, stir. Add the vanilla sugar, candied fruit and walnuts. Stir again. Small portions add to cheese mixture, mixing thoroughly each time. Fold the mixture into a gauze bag and hang on for 10-12 hours and then give the Easter desired shape and decorate with fresh berries or fruit.

Bon appetit!

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