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What you need:

1 kg cottage cheese

1 glass sour cream

200 g butter
Which oil to choose? we'll show

0.5 h. l. salt

4 eggs

1.5 glass powdered sugar

150 g raisins

50 g candied fruit

50 g sweet almond

0.5 h. l. vanillin

5-6 crushed cardamom powder grains

Food Speed: 2 hours or more


thoroughly clean the cottage cheese through a sieve. Add half a cup of sugar

powder, then enter pounded butter. Separate the yolks from

proteins. The remainder of the powder rubbed with egg yolks until white, and

shifting in cottage cheese and oil mixture, rub with her. Enter

cardamom and whipped into a thick foam proteins. At the end put raisins

candied fruits and nuts. In this case, do not rub the Passover, but only slightly

stirred to raisins and other additives are distributed throughout the mass

more evenly.

Shift the weight in pasochnitsu, lined with cheesecloth. Cover the press and put in a cool place for 10-12 hours.



cooking custard Easter PRODUCT TO grind and mix according to the standard

scheme, and the resulting mixture was then boil in a saucepan over medium heat,

or steam bath), stirring constantly, until the first bubble.

Better not dovarit than digest Easter, since in the latter case it

get lumpy. Remove from the heat, put the pan on the ice or in the

very cool and cold water, all the while preventing the mass in one direction

Easter to get smooth. By adding the cooked mass, if

requires a prescription, the remaining products, all new and stir

cool in the mold.

Bon Appetite!

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