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Just some few decades ago, our country did not know about the kids, chocolate bars and other sweet delights, which today are so fond of children. In the past, for the simple happiness of the Soviet child was quite simple and delicious milk cookie monster - tender, flavorful dessert without any artificial additives, preservatives and other things nobody needs "cargo" in the appendage to the dessert, which "rests on the shoulders of today's children. And let's try to make them happy and to prepare delicious homemade milk biscuits as in our childhood?

Maybe that's why kids today are so fond of the purchase sweets that many mothers think that cooking homemade desserts - it's long, hard and uninteresting? We continue to dispel this very erroneous myth, proving that homemade desserts it is very easy and talking about simple and fast options in our articles. Today we will talk about such a simple, but very delicious homemade sweets as milk biscuits, which was tremendously popular and popular with Soviet children.

The delicate taste of sand baking, speed of preparation, low cost dessert - all this makes milk biscuits option home sweet pastries, which is undoubtedly worthy of loving mothers and grandmothers. For a start, let's get acquainted with the classic recipe of this dessert.

Recipe classic dairy korikov (according to GOST as in childhood)

picture - Milk biscuits - remember childhood

You will need: 400g flour, 200g sugar, g butter softened, 75g milk, 5g vanilla sugar, 4G baking powder, 1 egg, 1 pinch of soda.

How to make milk biscuits as a child on GOST. Softened butter at room temperature together with sugar beat until smooth. Beat the egg, separate the egg mass exactly in half, one half add in the butter together with milk, beat the mixture until a cream, add soda and baking powder, stir. Pour in the resulting cream the flour and knead smooth non-sticky dough. Roll out the dough on a dusted flour the working surface in a layer not more than 1 cm thick (6-7mm). Using a glass or cookie cutters to cut dough circles with a diameter of 7-10cm, put them on with baking parchment. Trim dough again roll into a ball, roll out the layer and cut out the biscuits to do so, until you run out of dough. Coat the biscuits remaining beaten egg, postponed, put in a preheated 200 degree oven, bake for 10-in to light taromenane, cool on a rack.

As you can see, cooking delicious homemade dairy korikov is really very simple. In the dough, you can add pieces of fruit, poppy seeds, nuts, chocolate chips, jelly and much more - be creative! Well, we'll look at another recipe with almost identical to the first composition and dosage of the ingredients, but very different methods of cooking.

Recipe dairy korikov in sugar syrup

You will need: 400g flour, 200g sugar, 100g butter, ml milk, 1 egg, ? tsp. soda, 1 egg yolk for coating, vanilla.

How to make milk biscuits in sugar syrup. Milk pour into a saucepan, add sugar and vanilla, heat with constant stirring to dissolve the sugar, bring to boil, reduce heat, boil for 5 minutes until light thick syrup, remove dairy and sugar syrup from the stove and let it cool to room temperature. Softened butter, mix it with syrup, beat the egg with a mixer or whisk to beat all until smooth, add the sifted flour, pre-mixed with soda, knead the dough - it should be soft and tender. Remove the dough for 40 minutes in the fridge so it will be easier to roll out, and dry biscuits because of this will turn out tender, crumbly and not too dry. Roll out the dough in a layer no more than 1cm thick, cut the biscuits, put on dry parchment on a baking sheet and coat lightly beaten with a spoon of milk, yolk of eggs. Bake the biscuits in a preheated abs the oven in on the middle level of the oven or the top, so they are not burnt on the bottom.

Two suggested recipes dry biscuits came out the way they remember many - crisp, but tender, with a slight scent of vanilla and milk. Try both of the recipe, and you can decide for yourself which one you like more, but if you want something even simpler and faster (although marked recipes don't take much time), see the next recipe.

Recipe dairy korikov quick

picture - Milk biscuits - remember childhood

You will need: 450g flour, 200g sugar 100g butter, softened, 80ml milk, 1 egg, 1 tsp. baking powder to the dough.

How to cook quick milk biscuits. Beat the softened butter with the sugar, beat the egg, add milk, add the baking powder, you can also add vanilla sugar, parts USEPA flour, knead a soft dough. Roll out the dough in a layer up to 1 cm thick, cut the biscuits, put them on a baking sheet, greased, and bake 15 minutes in a preheated 180 degree oven.

Store the cooled biscuits need in a plastic container or package, closing, or they will become hard and very dry.

Milk biscuits are very tasty, quick and simple, and the cost of such dessert is almost zero. Try, entertain family and yourself such a wonderful sweetness to the tea!

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