Cutlets from the liver

→ Cutlets from the liver

picture - Cutlets from the liver

1 kg chicken liver

2-3 PCs onion repch

2-3 PCs bun with bran

1/2 glass milk
what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show

salt,pepper - to taste

3 PCs eggs

2-3 glass buckwheat flour .spoon

200 g cheese

dried Basil/ or mint - 1-2 tbsp

the bun to soak in milk, liver stripped from the tendons,wash, dry, peel the onion and all of this is to scroll through a meat grinder + salt, spices + eggs + flour - mix the dough as pancakes.Fry in vegetable oil, the finished cakes stacked on a baking sheet,top with a strip of cheese and sprinkle with dried herbs, put in the oven under the grill until Golden brown ( about 5-10 minutes). ready cutlets can be served with boiled rice/potatoes ( we were with pasta too )+ pickled cucumber or fresh tomatoes with cheese and Basil.

How to choose a aerogrill. We'll show you.

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