Meat with vegetables "Muchkalitsa"

→ Meat with vegetables "Muchkalitsa"

picture - Meat with vegetables "Muchkalitsa"

Required Products:

320 g pork - pulp

50 g zucchini

1 pcs. tomatoes

1 pcs. sweet pepper

50 g eggplant

1/2 onions - head

2 Garlic - cloves

3 Art. l. chicken broth

3 Art. l. vegetable oil

black pepper and hot powder, salt, paprika - to taste

10 g parsley and basil

The flesh pork slice, repel, salt, pepper and fry in butter until tender.

Vegetables cut into slices, fry with salt, black pepper, garlic, pepper and chicken broth until soft, then connect with the meat and cook until tender.

Arrange basil leaves and butter mixed with finely chopped parsley.

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