Boiled tongue with vegetables

→ Boiled tongue with vegetables

picture - Boiled tongue with vegetables

Required Products:

700 g beef tongue, pork or mutton

20 g carrot

20 g onion

16 g parsley root



sour cream sauce with horseradish

potatoes or peas in butter - for garnish

Language sanded, cut neck is washed. With cold water, brought to a boil and add salt. And reduced heating boiled under weak reflux for 2-3 hours. 30 minutes prior to readiness add coarsely chopped carrots, onions and parsley. At the end of cooking, add the bell pepper.

Ready language immediately immersed in cold water, and not allowing to cool, remove the skin quickly. Purified tongue sliced 0.5 cm thick and brought to the boil in the broth.

When submitting language stack fan on a plate, sprinkled with sour cream sauce with horseradish, placed side garnish - mashed potatoes and green peas in butter.

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