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Required Products:

1 pcs. beef tongue

4 Carnation - bud

1 pcs. onion

2 pcs. celery root

For the sauce:

1/2 glass red wine

3 Art. l. butter
Which oil to choose? we'll show

2 Art. l. wheat flour

2 h. l. sugar

1/2 glass meat broth

1 pcs. bay leaves

7 Art. l. thick cream

Language weld adding salt and clove. 30 minutes until cooked add the coarsely chopped onions and celery. Ready language clean, down into the cold water, then cut into portions, pour broth and warm.

For the sauce, saut the flour in butter until golden brown, add the sugar and warm. Gradually enter the broth, put a bay leaf, warm. At the end of cooking pour the cream, wine, salt, pepper and stir.

When submitting pieces of language out onto a plate and pour the sauce. Served with stewed vegetables can be submitted.

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