Language with apples on Crimean

→ Language with apples on Crimean

picture - Language with apples on Crimean

For cooking you will need:

450 g beef tongue

1.5 Art. l. butter

500 g apples

2 h. l. sugar

1.5 glass meat broth obtained by boiling language

for noodles:

1.5 glass flour
some flour to choose? we'll show

1 pcs. egg

1/3 glass water

Salt - to taste

for the cake:

1 glass flour

1 h. l. sugar


1/4 glass water

Language boil until soft, peel off the skin and cut into noodles. Apples remove seeds and cut into slices, sprinkle with sugar and put in a pot. They put the dried tongue and home-made noodles. Pouring boiling salted broth pot close tortilla dough and put it on for 20-25 minutes in the oven. That the dough is not burnt, cover it with a wet paper towel.

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