Mushrooms in tomato sauce

→ Mushrooms in tomato sauce

picture - Mushrooms in tomato sauce

1 kg of mushrooms (white, orange-cap boletus, boletus, butter, Ryzhikov, chanterelle or mushrooms):

200 g tomato paste

200 ml water

50-60 g vegetable oil

40 ml vinegar

40-50 g sugar

4 Bay leaves

15-20 g salt

Mushrooms clean, wash thoroughly. Small leave whole, large legs to separate from hats, coarsely chop. Boil in salted water with a small amount of citric acid, over low heat, stirring occasionally and removing the foam, until the mushrooms will not settle to the bottom. Remove from heat, drain in a colander, Pat dry. Cooked mushrooms to extinguish with vegetable oil, tomato paste, water, vinegar and sugar.

Hot braised mushrooms to put in sterilized and washed with soda banks to cover their covers, put in a pot of water, heated to 70� C. a half-liter jars to sterilize within half an hour, liter - techenie 40 minutes drive to Cork.

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