Aspen and boletus: pickle, frozen and dry for the winter

→ Aspen and boletus: pickle, frozen and dry for the winter

picture - Aspen and boletus: pickle, frozen and dry for the winter

Such as aspen mushrooms and boletus mushrooms ranked among the highest quality - on the flavoring properties, they are not inferior to the white mushrooms and as safe for human consumption. In this article we will discuss preparations for the winter boletus and aspen mushrooms.

Boletus mushroom pickers called Boletus and cousins united belonging to the same genus - Letsinum (Leccinum). The difference between them is very small and consists only in different shades of the cap, and that the second darkens the shear damage and heat treatment, however, there are judges who think that boletus even more tender pulp. Nevertheless, these mushrooms is considered to be very similar, and recipes for their preparation, including salting and pickling, are no different.

It is believed that aspen clean the blood and reduce the level of cholesterol in it, and boletus useful in diseases of the kidney. Due to the high content of dietary fiber and protein, these mushrooms are working in the body as a sorbent and vacuum cleaner, so it's important to gather, they were far from settlements and roads.

Cooking Recipes and harvesting boletus and aspen mushrooms for the winter

picture - Aspen and boletus: pickle, frozen and dry for the winter

Of course, like mushrooms, boletus and aspen can fry, braise, boil and cook at all with them a lot of delicious dishes. And you can save up to winter in canned - pickled or salted, or frozen or dried. We will tell you about everything - and preparation, and harvesting these wonderful mushrooms for future use.

It is widely believed that before cooking should be removed from the skin hats and flakes from the legs of these fungi, but if you put together the young, not overripe mushrooms is not necessary. So this point is on the subjective judgment of each. As is the case with other fungi, in the case of pickling or salting, the largest specimens should be cut into 4-6 pieces and small can be left whole. Proceed directly to the recipes cooking boletus and aspen mushrooms.

Recipe roasting aspen mushrooms / boletus with potatoes

You will need: 500g mushrooms 400g potatoes, 1-2 onions, vegetable oil, spices to taste, salt.

How to cook fried with potatoes or aspen boletus. How should rinse the mushrooms under running cold water to remove all dirt, cut wormholes, not too small pieces cut. Place the sliced mushrooms in a deep saucepan, cover with cold water, turn on medium heat, bring to a boil.

At this stage, you can check for poisonous mushrooms: throw in a boiling water with purified whole mushrooms onion: if it turns red or turns blue, it means there are poisonous mushrooms and everything should be thrown out.

After boiling, add 3 g of citric acid and 20 g of salt per 1 liter of water, boil mushrooms 5 minutes, discard in a colander, dry. Put the mushrooms in a thick-walled pan with hot oil as follows, roast for 30-40 minutes, stirring occasionally. As a result, the mushrooms should strongly Ujar-.

If you like polutushenye mushrooms, cover them with a lid and simmer on low heat if crispy - Do not cover with a lid and after the evaporation of moisture throughout fry them over medium heat.

Ready salt the mushrooms (this should not be done at once - much mushrooms give juice and turn out dry), turn off the heat. In a separate pan fry the potatoes and onions, add the potatoes to the semi-pans of other mushrooms (you can fill in at the end of frying them with sour cream), mix, pepper and cook another 10-12 minutes, if you want to cover and then on low heat until tender (then all get soft).

Another delicious option how you can cook these mushrooms - make them kebab!

Recipe of the barbecue or boletus aspen mushrooms

You will need: 650g of fresh wild mushrooms, bacon 120g, 4 onions, green onions, dill, pepper and salt.

How to cook skewers of mushrooms. Separate the cap from the legs, dipped in cold salted water, after boiling boil 20-25 minutes. Strung hats, giving them cool after cooking on skewers, alternating with pieces of bacon and onion, pepper and salt and bake skewers of mushrooms over hot coals until done, periodically turning skewers. Sprinkle with herbs before serving.

Barbecue can be used only heads, they must be boiled in salted water and in any case not to allow of cooking.

And, of course, of boletus and aspen mushrooms can be prepared simply fabulous soup, which will cause a huge appetite for all those who will smell his scent.

Recipe soup of boletus or aspen mushrooms

Need: 400-500g mushrooms, 2 potato tuber and cloves of garlic, 1 medium onion and carrots, 1 tablespoon salt, sour cream, parsley, bay leaf, pepper, salt.

How to cook soup aspen mushrooms and boletus. Prepared to put the mushrooms in a pan of cold salted water, boil until done (it can be defined as - the mushrooms begin to settle to the bottom), removing the foam. Put the broth and bay leaf herbs, peppers, peas, chopped carrots and potatoes into cubes, fried onion and one passed through a press garlic, stir and put in the soup purified whole onion, boil for 10 minutes, then remove the bulb, apply soup with sour cream.

Adding different spices this soup, you can change the colors of its taste.

Recipes harvesting mushrooms for the winter: salting, pickling, drying and freezing

picture - Aspen and boletus: pickle, frozen and dry for the winter

Collected in autumn mushrooms, of course, you want to keep for future use. For this and come up with their salting, pickling, drying and freezing.

Recipe marinating or boletus aspen mushrooms

You will need: mushrooms, pickles - 1 liter of water at 10 black peppercorns, 3-5 cloves buds, 3 tsp vinegar (or 1 cup of vinegar 6%), 2-3 bay leaves, 2 tablespoons salt (with slide) and sugar (no slides), cinnamon to taste.

How to marinate boletus and aspen. Prepare the mushrooms - clean, rinse, soak a little, coarsely chop the legs, caps cut into 4-6 pieces depending on the size, small mushrooms leave entirely. Boil the mushrooms, dipped in cold water and cleaned the whole onion, then boil for 5-10 minutes, drain the water, pour the mushrooms, removing the bulb, the new cold water, boil after boiling for 15 minutes, removing the foam. Marinade boil water, sugar and salt to put all spices, cooked add some fungi, all cooking 30-40min (up readiness is dependent on how many were mushrooms are welded at the beginning), add vinegar 10 minutes before end of cooking ( with it, you can add garlic). Mushrooms are further along with the marinade are put in sterilized jars and sealed with plastic lids boiled.

Simple recipe for pickling or boletus aspen mushrooms

picture - Aspen and boletus: pickle, frozen and dry for the winter

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