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Dumplings in our country eat and will eat, which would not come to us innovations from the West - this is a very popular dish cooked in a thousand ways and attributable to each according to his taste owing to his variety. Let's see how to make dumplings with cabbage, which are in the first "valentovich" ranks in popularity.

Dumplings, including cabbage, long considered the national dish of Ukrainian cuisine, and they are also very family like dumplings or soup. In the old days dumplings prepared not only on weekdays but also for Sunday or holiday table, always included in a funeral or wedding meal. But the dumplings with cabbage, usually prepared just in lean days of the religious calendar. In those days, when the post was not to cabbage for stuffing or when applying these dumplings were added bacon or lard.

The dough for cabbage dumplings may be of usual wheat flour and rye or buckwheat, and mixtures thereof. The recipe may be different - our ancestors used for mixing and whey, and egg, and yogurt, and water.

We offer to cook dumplings with cabbage one of the most common recipes.

Dumplings can be cooked as fresh and sauerkraut, the second option is more traditional.

The recipe for dumplings with cabbage

picture - Dumplings with cabbage

You will need: for the dough 5 cups flour, 1 Cup of yogurt, 1H.l. salt ? tsp. soda for the filling - 400g sour cabbage, 3 onions, St.l. vegetable oil ? tsp. black pepper.

How to cook dumplings with cabbage. To cut the peeled onion diced finely, fry in a pan with oil until taromenane. Finely chopped sauerkraut fry in a pan with oil separate from the onions and then mix with his third, pepper, allow to cool stuffing. For the dough mix the yogurt at room temperature with soda and salt, gradually ? glass adding flour kneading the dough, when it begins to thicken, put it on the table, pre-sprinkle it with flour. The kneaded dough should be steep, in the context of elastic, not sticky, smooth. Cut from the test strips by 2cm wide, then cut it into cubes, dip them in flour in places cut, roll out with a rolling pin, put in the centre of a circle of cabbage stuffing, zaschipyvaem edge, shaping the dumplings. Drop the dumplings into boiling salted water, bring to boil, 5 minutes to boil. Ready to put the dumplings on a platter, sprinkle with remaining onion zazharkoy, served with sour cream.

From this quantity of ingredients will be about 20-25 dumplings.

To make the dumplings easy, you just need to spend a bit of time, and eat - very nice, because real homemade food like no other creates a sense of coziness and warmth. Bon appetit!

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