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Dumplings - one of the dishes, whose history goes back to back centuries. However, at all times, we have some of the most popular were the dumplings with cheese - they will be discussed in this article.

What just not prepared our ancestors dumplings - this dish was very popular and common, and toppings were very diverse. But there's always been the most common is prepared dumplings with cheese. They could be both sweet and savory, lazy and traditional - variations of dumplings was also invented many.

One of the most interesting and the title, and the composition of fillings for dumplings were made from flour, first roasted bacon, then in boiling lard Gradually add flour, and the whole was stirred to homogeneity, such zazharku then cooled and served as a filling for dumplings. Called this option dishes "dumplings with sand."

Surprisingly, the advent of dumplings on our tables we owe the Turks. They came up with a similar dish called "dyushvara", and then later it was modified Ukrainians: simplified the process of preparation of the dough, stuffing changed. First borrowed and altered dish called "varanikami" and only later became known as called now.

Today, we are more likely to buy ready-made dumplings in stores, and, meanwhile, make home is not too difficult. The taste they leave far behind the store, not to mention the useful properties. Time to prepare meals, of course, necessary, but the process is certainly a pleasure to you and your loved ones.

In 100 grams of dumplings with cheese - about 320 calories.

Recipe for cooking dumplings with cottage cheese

picture - Dumplings with cottage cheese

You will need: 500g cottage cheese, 6 cups of wheat flour, 1.5 cups water, 1 egg, 2st.l. sugar 1ch.l. salt.

How to cook dumplings with cheese. To prepare the dough salt the water, knead the flour gradually vsyp mixture - in the end it should cease to be sticky, does not stick to your hands. Knead the dough on a 15-20min to leave proofed. Stir for filling curd with sugar and salt, to drive the egg, knead until smooth everything. The dough thinly roll, dividing it into quarters, from the center to the edges of each piece using a rolling pin, cut out dough circles diameter of 5-6cm using glass. When the layers of the test will be trimming back to collect them in whom, roll out and use for new pieces-circles for dumplings. Each circle in the center of the dough to put 1ch.l. filling, fold in half, zaschipnut edge as follows - that the stuffing does not fall out during cooking. Sprinkle with flour dumplings from all sides, put on a floured tray, then remove to solidify in the cold. Frozen dumplings can be folded in a plastic bag or a boil. To lower the cooking dumplings in salted water, cook until surfacing water over medium heat, then another 2 min, then get with a slotted spoon. Serve dumplings with cottage cheese with a piece of butter.

By curd for filling can not add sugar, you can combine it with chopped herbs, etc. Using this recipe, you will learn to cook the basic version of dumplings, and everything else depends on your imagination, successful preparation!

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