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Soup with dumplings - it's not just the first course! This soup will bring great pleasure to the whole family and will definitely cheer up, because it is adored by children and adults. To prepare the soup with dumplings very simply, a budget and a quick meal.

Soup with dumplings just love the children love it and adults. Of cooking options lots and cook it on chicken, meat, fish, mushroom or vegetable broth, or you can just on the water, this option is good because it is done very quickly. Some people prefer to make a soup with dumplings without frills, adding only dumplings, others prefer to put a couple of additional ingredients, such as potatoes and the usual vegetable zazharku of onions and carrots.

Of all possible ways the most common is chicken soup with dumplings.

The recipe for classic chicken soup with dumplings

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You will need: 2-2,5 litres chicken stock 5-6 potatoes, 2 eggs, 1 onion and carrot, 1 tbsp. oil, dill, flour, salt.

How to make a traditional soup with dumplings. Peel the potatoes, onions and carrots, chop the potatoes into cubes, onion half rings or small, to RUB on a grater carrots. Drop the vegetables into the boiling broth. Beat eggs and salt, pour oil, add as much flour to the dough resembled a thick cream and stir until smooth. To scoop the dough with a teaspoon or tablespoon, lowering it before forming each gnocchi in the boiling water, put the dumplings in the soup. When all the gnocchi will be immersed in the soup, boil it for another 5-min, then turn off the oven and season the soup with the chopped herbs.

To diversify soup with dumplings by adding a variety of products - other vegetables, meat or chicken, mushrooms and T. L. If the soup is added zazharkoy of vegetables, you should do it before putting dumplings, and after adding it is necessary to once again bring the broth to a boil and then start to dip dumplings. Can be prepared in different ways and gnocchi themselves, but in any case it is important that the dough was a homogeneous, lump-free.

Quick soup with dumplings, cooked in water, it can be more fragrant, filled before serving with butter.

Ways to cook dumplings for soup

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  • Gnocchi can be cooked many ways, but the classics are the most simple of dough made with flour, water and eggs. If you add to this classic version a little butter, dumplings will be softer, the dough can be kneaded with milk instead of water. Also new flavors clackam and the soup will generally add the chopped parsley, if you put it in the dough when mixing.
  • Flour for dumplings can be combined with semolina in a ratio of 1 to 1.
  • Gnocchi can be done like this: beat the egg, to enter semolina or flour of bread, allow to swell, then start to shape the gnocchi.
  • If you paint the dough for dumplings with different spices - paprika, turmeric, and so on, the soup will be more interesting and beautiful, more like children.
  • In the dough for the dumplings, you can add grated cheese.

Watch the video recipe is another option of making soup with dumplings.

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