Chicken soup with cheese dumplings

→ Chicken soup with cheese dumplings

picture - Chicken soup with cheese dumplings

200 ml water

60 g chicken

20 g butter

20 g onions

20 g carrots



1 egg

2,5 tbsp. flour

1,5 tbsp. hard cheese grated

1,5 tbsp. butter

1,5 tbsp. crackers hlebnyy

On a fine grater grate a peeled onion, carrot, passionate them in butter until tender, pour ? glass of water, not long to put out.

Julienne cut chicken, add to the vegetables, pour the remaining water and simmer for 15 minutes

To prepare dumplings RUB the butter, combine the beaten egg, grated cheese, flour and crumbs of crackers, knead the sticky dough.

Add dumplings to the soup to moisten the edge of the chopping Board with water, to separate a little test on this edge of the smear, then the blunt side of a knife to cut small pieces and add to soup.

Cook chicken soup with cheese dumplings about 5-10 minutes, add the chopped parsley, infuse for about 10 minutes before serving.

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