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Pea soup with smoked ribs - probably the most delicious variation is so popular in our country soup, related to traditional Russian cuisine. Let's see how to cook this wonderful first course.

Smoked is the best that can be added to pea soup. It is pea soup with smoked meat is so loved by many, it is a traditional Russian soup kitchen. Fantastic aroma, bright rich taste, nutrition - all these undoubted advantages of this pea soup.

How long will it take cooking pea soup with smoked ribs - depends on selected varieties of peas. Fastest cooked ground split peas, but Aluminy whole will need for 2-4h soak and cook for much longer.

Recipe for pea soup with smoked ribs

picture - Pea soup with smoked ribsIngredients:

400g smoked ribs
5 potatoes (optional)
2 cups dried peas
1 large onion
1 carrot
dill, parsley
black pepper

Method of preparation:

How to make pea soup with smoked ribs. The washed peas to put in a pan with a capacity of 5L, pour water and cook on medium heat for 1-1,5 hours Finely chop the onion, carrot RUB on a large grater, put the peas, cook still 20min. Ribs divided into portions pieces, put in the soup, after 10 minutes add the chopped cubes or cube the potatoes, add salt and pepper to the soup, boil until potatoes are ready. Tuck finished the soup with chopped parsley, cook for another 2-3min, serve. You can put in the finished soup croutons.

Hint: salt pea soup only at the end of cooking in salt water the peas will be slower to seethe and seethe worse.

In pea soup with smoked ribs you can add other products, for example, red bell pepper, which will complement its innovative twist of taste. Can be excluded from the formulation of the potatoes and onions with carrots before putting it in the soup to cook - try to cook this soup to your taste! And another version of this pea soup look in videoretsept.

Videoretsept pea soup with smoked ribs

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