Potato and meat Volcano

→ Potato and meat Volcano

picture - Potato and meat Volcano

1.5-2 kg Potato

1 l milk
what milk to choose? we'll show

500 g ground beef

50 g vodka or alcohol

2 eggs




Peeled potatoes until ready to cook in salted water, then grind, add milk, allow to cool, then drive one raw egg.

Until cooked in a frying pan fry the minced half.

In a frying pan or on a fireproof dish to put an even layer of mashed potatoes (half), on top of a hill fried minced.

Smear slide deferred stuffing mashed potatoes.

The remaining stuffing combine with egg, salt the, put on a "volcano" on top, put in the center of the top of the half-washed eggshells.

Of ketchup and mayonnaise to make strips "lava" from the top to the bottom of the volcano, volcano bake in the oven until cooked stuffing.

Served potato and meat volcano as follows: in the egg shells poured vodka or alcohol and ignited.

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