Fish and vegetable pie is sweet

→ Fish and vegetable pie is sweet

picture - Fish and vegetable pie is sweet

200 ml cream

200 g salted cod

100 g mushrooms

3 carrots

1 leeks

1 a handful of peas

1 a handful of green beans

1 turnip

1 package of puff pastry

1 egg yolk

1 shallot

? lemon



The day before cooking cod rinse under cold water, put in a container, pour cold water and remove at night in the fridge.

To shift the cod in a pan, pour cold water over low heat to boil without boiling until tender, about 10 minutes

To disassemble the fish into small pieces out of the water as soon as it becomes transparent.

Puff pastry roll out, cut out circles with a diameter of 2 cm greater than the diameter of subnets, which will be submitted to the dish.

Lubricate mugs whipped yolk, put into the cold.

All the vegetables clean, rinse, small pieces chop - they should be approximately the same size.

Water, adding some salt, bring to boil, put turnips, boil until almost cooked, immediately rinse with cold water, Pat dry, to do the same with the rest of the vegetables except green peas.

Mushrooms finely chopped, fry on high heat for 2-3 minutes in a pan with butter, then add the lemon juice, pepper and salt.

In a pan put butter, melt, put the shallots, 1 min to fry, add salt, pepper, add all the vegetables and cod, stir, remove from the stove.

Put the vegetable mixture with the fish in the tureen, filling them ?, pour in every 2 tbsp. of cream, pepper and salt.

The edges of APNIC to moisten with water, put the top circles of dough, stretch, secure them.

To put the tureen on a baking sheet, bake fish and vegetable pie is sweet at a temperature of 240 degrees in preheated oven until tender and Browning of the dough.

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