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In beans, how very valuable the product is all that is necessary for human health. Soup with beans - perfect meals with this useful product, which is an optimally balanced dish. How to cook a delicious soup with beans, read this article.

In many world cuisines soup with beans is one of the traditional dishes: Mexican, Georgian, Italian, French, etc., and the dish is cooked in different ways, in every corner of the world have their own traditions of cooking this soup, but we won't talk about them, but about how to cook a delicious soup with beans from the usual for our country products.

To prepare a delicious bean soup in addition to directly bean broth, and the broth - chicken, mushroom, vegetable, meat. Take your pick based on their taste, and not go wrong! We will tell you about simple recipe for a delicious bean soup.

Use for soups can be as red and white beans in any form - canned, dry, and beans. Dry beans pre-soaked for several hours, and canned and Cayenne in such training, of course, not need.

Soup recipe with beans

picture - Soup with beansIngredients:

800g potatoes
500g pork/beef
in 200g of beans and fresh/pickled cabbage
on 150g onions and carrots
3-4 tbsp tomato paste/ketchup
pepper, salt

Method of preparation:

How to cook soup with beans. Pour the beans in cold water for 3-4 to leave. Medium-sized to cut the meat, cover with cold water, add salt, boil 1H, put the beans, cook for 30-40 minutes until almost cooked, sliced into medium-sized cubes of potatoes, over 5 minutes to put the cabbage, another 10 - fried onion, carrot (for frying add the tomato paste). Stir the soup, add all the ingredients, pepper and dosolit to taste, you can add other spices to your taste, cook until potatoes are ready.

This soup can be made with canned beans or green is first placed in such case, together with cabbage, and green - at the stage of laying the potatoes.

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