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→ Fun and Health: compotes from the hips

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The most popular preparations for the winter from the hips - is, without a doubt, compotes. Probably everyone has heard about the great benefits of such beverages, and, if these words are motivated by a desire to make a blank, then reading this article, you will be able to cook a delicious fruit compote, even if you do it the first time.

Rosehip - berry is very useful, it is concentrated mass of vitamins and minerals (vitamins A, B, E, F, K, substances such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, etc.). And when properly prepared all the benefits of berries preserved in compote.

Mix of rosehip is recommended to drink wishing to lose weight (removes toxins and waste products), as well as those who want to increase the body's resistance to infectious diseases, improve the digestive tract and kidneys. However, there is this drink and contraindications. In the first place, it is impossible to drink suffering from gastritis and gastric ulcer, thrombosis, circulatory disorders, hypotension, skin problems.

If you compote hips - just what the doctor ordered (and, in the literal sense of the word, since before use necessarily need to consult a doctor), we will discuss how to prepare it for the winter.

Features cooking compote from the hips for winter

picture - Fun and Health: compotes from the hips

Preparing compote of wild rose is very simple. In a nutshell, the procurement process can be as follows:

  • Prepare rose hips - cut in half, remove the seeds and hair, rinse under running water, dipped in boiling water for 2 minutes, then put into cold water and allow to cool;
  • Prepared berries are placed in jars;
  • Preparing sugar syrup: 1 liter of water to take 300g of sugar and 4 g of citric acid or a little fresh lemon juice;
  • Berries in the banks are filled with syrup, sterilized jars and sealed.

So you can prepare classic compote from the hips without additional ingredients. And below we will focus on other recipes cooking compote with rosehip.

Recipe for cooking compote from the hips with pulp and honey

picture - Fun and Health: compotes from the hips

You will need: 1 kg of fresh rose hips, 2.5L of water, 2 cups of honey.

How to cook fruit compote with rosehip. Rinse well with fruits, seeds removed, seethe the part of the water until tender, rub pestle, pour honey and remaining water, boil on low heat to boiling, remove from heat, allow to cool, pour into sterile jars, cork and store in a cool place.

Mix of rosehip is a good helper for the body during the spring beriberi.

If you want to compote with rosehip had more vivid and rich taste, mix it with dried fruits - apples, pears, or you can add orange zest, cinnamon, cloves, and other additives.

Compote recipe with assorted wild rose, apple and sea buckthorn

Need: 1kg of apples and sea buckthorn, 600 g of rose hips, fill - to 1 liter of water 450g sugar.

How to make a compote in the winter from the hips. Clear apples, cut into slices, cut out the seeds, dipped in boiling water and blanch 3-5min, then immediately dipped in cold water. Ripe large hips cut in half, remove the seeds, hairs. Layers put in jars prepared buckthorn, apples and rose, filling them by the shoulders, shaking the jar. Pour the hot syrup, 1 liter sterilized jars for 25 minutes and roll.

How to make a compote of wild rose even tastier

  • Add the cans of stewed fruit or cinnamon liqueur - this will give the drink a pleasant aroma;
  • To obtain a clear syrup, beautiful in it during cooking you need to add the egg white - it will absorb all the impurities from the sugar and roll up, then it can be thrown away;
  • To banks "soared", do not close the lids to sterilize completely sealed compote only after sterilization;
  • Winter compote can be prepared jelly or pudding.

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