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And do you have tomatoes for the winter? No? Dare to assume that the reason for this apparent complexity of canning. Do not be afraid - it is not so difficult! In this article we will discuss the most simple versions of canning tomatoes for the winter.

It seems tomatoes for the winter did in our country always doing our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and so on, many families recipes this billet is passed from generation to generation. Someone Farshire or spigot tomatoes before you put in the Bank, someone adds a whole bunches of greens and herbs, someone puts in a special marinade additives and ingredients that give tomatoes new flavours - century recipes for canning tomatoes have accumulated, probably thousands. But there are classic versions of this conservation that have become common and the most widespread. Now that's what we'll talk.

Classic recipe for pickling tomatoes for the winter

picture - Tomatoes for the winterIngredients:

1 jar with a capacity of 1.5 l:
1l of water
10-15 medium-sized tomatoes
2tbsp.l. salt
spices to taste - black pepper peas, garlic cloves, fresh or dry dill, Bay leaf, cloves

Method of preparation:

How to pickle tomatoes for the winter classic way. Collect ripe tomatoes small size, they must be strong - soft and overripe not suitable. All products to prepare: rinse, Pat dry, garlic, peel. For the brine to boil water, add salt, dissolve it put allspice, Laurel, cloves, boil for 5-min after boiling, remove the brine from the heat. In sterilized jars put the tomatoes tightly to each other, to put between them garlic cloves (whole, you can coarsely chop), pour the cooled brine (if it is hot, the tomatoes will burst), immediately roll up banks sterile tin lids. Keep these tomatoes can all winter, and they will be ready in a month.

The most important thing in preserving sterilization. Jars and lids must necessarily how we should sterilize otherwise and products, and all efforts will be wasted. For reliable sterilization enough for a few minutes to put the jars into the oven, turn on medium heat and stand for 10-15min. Further, banks should be allowed to cool. But the cover is always better to boil in water.

Recipe for pickling tomatoes for the winter with vinegar

picture - Tomatoes for the winterIngredients:

1 jar 3l:
10-harolyn black pepper
5-6 leaves of currant
5 cloves of garlic
3-4 cherry sheet
2-3 umbrella dill and Bay leaves
1 sheet of horseradish
how many will include tomatoes
1 litre water
on St.l. vinegar 9%, sugar and salt

Method of preparation:

How to pickle tomatoes for the winter with vinegar. Wash the tomatoes, prepare banks, presterilized them, boil the lids. Put on the bottom of the jar almost all the greens and halved garlic cloves, put tightly tomatoes, put on top of 1 parasol dill, 1-2 Bay leaves and black-currant leaf. Bring water to a boil, pour in a jar, 10-15min to leave, to drain the water in the pan (see, to not fall out the ingredients from the jar), bring to the boil, add the vinegar, sugar, salt, again bring to a boil, pour the tomatoes, cork lids, flip jars and cover with a blanket. In this position, leave the jars to cool, then stored in a cellar or Cabinet.

So the tomatoes do not burst from the hot brine, many Housewives before placing in a jar prick them with a wooden toothpick in several places around the stem. Boiling water and brine need to pour in the jar thin stream, gently, gently.

Recipe for pickling tomatoes for the winter without vinegar

picture - Tomatoes for the winterIngredients:

1 jar 3l:
5 black peppercorns
3 Bay leaves
1 bunch dill
St.l. sugar
2tbsp.l. vegetable oil
St.l. salt

Method of preparation:

How to pickle tomatoes for the winter without vinegar. Tomatoes wash and dry, jars and lids to sterilize. At the bottom of the jar to put the dill, peppercorn and Laurel. 2-4 part cut large and medium-sized tomatoes, put them in a jar up the sections up to the top of the jar. Pour a spoonful of salt without slides and sugar hill, pour the oil, pour in the boiling water, without adding to the bottle 5cm (highlighted juice from tomatoes), cover the jars with lids, put in boiling water, which should reach to the shoulders banks, sterilized 20 min in boiling water, roll up covers, and put it in storage in the closet.

"The eyes of fear, the hands do" - trying to preserve tomatoes on the proposed recipes, you will see that it is not so difficult. Good blanks!

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