Canned beet tops

→ Canned beet tops

picture - Canned beet tops

To 1 liter of water:

100 g Apple or 9% vinegar

70 g sugar

25 g salt

1 Bay leaf

black pepper

cloves (to taste)

beet tops

Beet tops, if you do canning for this recipe, will be a great base for soup, cooking different side dishes.

Optionally, when will be done canning can be added to the tops of the onion rings, chopped garlic or dill.

The tops should be well washed, cut together with stalks, place in the prepared jars and pour the marinade from the water, vinegar, sugar, salt, Bay leaf, cloves and pepper.

To withstand the tops for 5 minutes, then retry the operation.

After that, banks need to roll, to turn upside down and allow them to cool.

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