Salad "layered shrimp"

→ Salad "layered shrimp"

picture - Salad "layered shrimp"

400 g shrimp

100 g corn
some corn to choose? we'll show

50 g Parboiled brown rice

1 apple (sweet and sour)

100 g cheese (solid grade)

200 g mayonnaise

Salad prepared layers, each layer coat with mayonnaise. Eggs finely cut and spread on bottom of the dish. Lubricates mayonnaise.

Spread on top of corn. Lubricates mayonezom.Ris boil in salted water and allowed to cool. We spread and coat with mayonezom.Yabloko planed strips and laid in Fig. Coat with a little mayonnaise apples, but for what would be good to keep a layer of apples krevetok.Na spread a layer of shrimp. Fill the remaining mayonezom.Zasypaem a thick layer of grated cheese and decorate: take two shrimp and make the sinking heart in the middle of a heart cheese and pour mayonnaise.

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