Salad "Cinderella"

→ Salad "Cinderella"

picture - Salad "Cinderella"

For the recipe You will need:

500 g fish

500 g potatoes

200-300 g marinated mushrooms

1 PCs onion

250 g mayonnaise
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

10 g mustard

parsley - to taste

Boil potatoes, cool, peel, cut into cubes. Fish, preferably walleye or catfish (where there are few small bones), boil, drain in a colander to drain the water, let cool, remove all the bones, chop potatoes. Marinated mushrooms (any kind) cut into cubes. Onion cut into thin rings, pour boiling water for 10 minutes to remove the bitterness. Mix well, add mustard, salt, pepper, mayonnaise, parsley or dill. Decorate hats mushrooms, olives, radishes, cut into rings, or crab sticks, cut into cubes.

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