Salad with fish and avocado "Christmas charm"

→ Salad with fish and avocado "Christmas charm"

picture - Salad with fish and avocado "Christmas charm"

150 g red fish

50 g olive oil

2 large tomatoes

1 lemon

1 avocado

1 tsp. honey



black pepper


Put the dish with slices lettuce leaves (tear the salad need hands).

To clean, remove from avocado bone, cut it into large slices - semiring.

Tomatoes cut into large polocrosse.

Put the tomatoes in a circle on the salad leaves.

On tomatoes to put avocado, top with sliced into strips fish.

Combine the butter with the juice ? lemon, pepper and salt, add honey, stir and pour over salad.

For more salad layers must be repeated several times.

Next salad with fish and avocado "Christmas charm is cooled and served on new year's eve buffet a La carte or on a large platter.

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