Mushrooms in mustard marinade

→ Mushrooms in mustard marinade

picture - Mushrooms in mustard marinade

500 g oyster mushrooms or fresh mushrooms

50 ml vegetable oil

5-6 garlic cloves

3 tbsp. spicy sweet mustard

1 tbsp. vinegar 8%

? tsp. salt




honey to taste

black pepper

Fry the mushrooms in the pan until the complete evaporation of the liquid.

Put mushrooms in a bowl, add the chopped garlic, parsley, stir.

Combine vegetable oil with vinegar, mustard, salt, whisk the sauce with a whisk.

Pour the prepared sauce to the mushrooms, stir and 12 hours put into the refrigerator, during this time, 2 times to mix.

Serve the mushrooms in mustard marinade as snacks.

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