Aspic with salmon "On New Year's Eve"

→ Aspic with salmon "On New Year's Eve"

picture - Aspic with salmon "On New Year's Eve"

1-1.5 kg salmon (tail, head, fins)
salmon which to choose? we'll show

15 g gelatin

4-6 quail eggs

1 head onions

1 beet

black olives


peppercorn black

bay leaves


Gelatin put in a bowl, pour in the water.

Pour the fish 1.5-2 liters of water, put on fire for cooking, bring to a boil, add the spices and onions, boil for half an hour, then get onions and spices, strain the broth and mix with the swollen gelatin.

Clear beet juice squeeze it into the broth with gelatin.

To cut fish fillets separated.

Put the pieces in a container for the filling.

Hard-boiled egg to cook, allow to cool, peel and cut in half, add the fish in a glass with olives, if desired, can also be put in the filler greens and lemon, pour the broth, let it cool, put into the cold night.

Serve with salmon aspic "On New Year's Eve", laying on a flat dish (a mold to cast the hot water for a few minutes, turn over).

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