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For 10 cans ? l:

8,5 kg zucchini

500 g vegetable oil

300 g vinegar 6%

100 g garlic

60 g salt

50 g dill and parsley

Wash, peel zucchini, cut into circles, 1.5-2 cm thick, then cook in half the oil until Golden brown.

Peeled garlic RUB, greens washed, cut into pieces 2 cm in length.

Banks to prepare, pour on the remaining bottom half of the butter and vinegar, put some salt, mashed garlic and chopped fresh herbs, top tightly put zucchini.

Banks to fill from the top below 2 cm, then cover and sterilized for 25 minutes

Next, zucchini Ukrainian canned tightly rolled lids, put the top down and so cool.

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