Pickled cabbage "Fast"

→ Pickled cabbage "Fast"

picture - Pickled cabbage "Fast"

1 a large head of cabbage

1-2 carrots

1 sweet red pepper

1 clove garlic

For the marinade:

1 glass vinegar 5%

1 glass sugar

? glass vegetable oil

2-3 tbsp. salt

Carrots, cabbage and pepper arbitrarily chop, put in a large pan, add peeled whole cloves of garlic.

In another pan, add sugar, oil, salt, vinegar and allspice, bring it to a boil, pour over the cabbage boiling marinade, mix well, put on top of the cabbage to put a large plate and press.

When pickled cabbage has cooled, it is possible to eat, to store pickled cabbage "Fast" have in the fridge.

The author of the recipe: Claudia, Klaschik

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