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Stuffed peppers is one of the beloved dishes in our country, but sometimes, saying this phrase, we do not mean traditional hot dish. Stuffed peppers is still and cold appetizer recipes which appears more and more.

Apparently, thinking that once the peppers can be stuffed with meat and rice, and other products for this vegetable, though created for stuffing, too, and if some of them do not require heat treatment, and simmer thus stuffed peppers don't need smart hostess and invented a kind of appetizer.

Today peppers stuffed with a variety of products, you can see the festive table more often, which is understandable - to prepare this appetizer is simple, and it turns out very tasty, beautiful and appetizing. Another reason for the popularization of such snacks is year-round availability peppers almost all shops in all of its color variations, than before the hostess could only dream of. Actually, it appeared canned stuffed peppers, but will not deviate from the topic.

For stuffing peppers can take the peppers, of course, any colors, the main thing that they were mild, otherwise it is unlikely this appetizer will appreciate, well, except that very few. Well, as for the filling, then opens vast expanse, where you can take in all the beauty of your culinary imagination.

Recipe snacks from pepper, stuffed with cheese

picture - Cold appetizers of stuffed peppers

You will need: 400 g cheese, 100 to 150 g butter, 6 sweet peppers, 2-4 cloves of garlic and herbs.

How to cook stuffed with cheese pepper. Cheese crumble, mix with a little softened butter, chopped garlic and herbs, sunflower. Wash peppers, cut off the stalk and gently remove the seeds, stuff the cheese mass to remove 2-3 hours in the cold, chop before serving pieces 1-1,5 cm thick.

That's it - very simple and fast! Although, as fast this delicious appetizer and will diverge, that, however, for the mistress of the compliment, and that means it is a positive fact.

Another option: cheese can be rubbed on a coarse grater, in equal quantities and mix with soft butter, 4-6 cloves of garlic, grated on a coarse grater, chopped dill. These peppers also need to remove the chill and serve, cut into circles or in half lengthwise into halves.

If you want something simple, but spicy, prepare this snack.

Recipe spicy bite from the pepper, stuffed with cheese

picture - Cold appetizers of stuffed peppers

You will need: 300 g cheese, 100 g butter 5 cloves of garlic, 2 sweet pepper, 1 tsp. mustard, bitter red pepper.

How to cook spicy snack of pepper with cheese. Through a sieve to wipe the cheese and mix with melted butter, mustard, passed through a garlic press and bitter pepper, mix until smooth. Stuff the mixture is purified from the seeds of the pepper, put it in the freezer for an hour before serving, cut into circles.

Very tasty option - peppers stuffed with cheese and nuts.

Recipe snacks from the peppers, stuffed with nuts and cheese

picture - Cold appetizers of stuffed peppers

You will need: 250 g of any cheese, 150 g butter, 8-10 walnuts, 3-4 sweet peppers, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 bunch of parsley/cilantro.

How to stuff the peppers with cheese and nuts. Multi-colored peppers washed, carefully cut out the stem, remove the seeds. On the grater, grate the frozen butter and cheese, garlic put through a press, grind nuts, green chop, mix all and stuff tightly peppers. Holes from the stalks, you can close the half nuts. At least half an hour to remove the peppers in cold before serving, cut the circles in half a centimeter thick.

If you have no nuts, then stuff the peppers can only cheese.

Recipe snacks from the peppers stuffed with cheese

picture - Cold appetizers of stuffed peppers

You will need: 100 g of cheese, 6 sweet peppers, 3 cheese, 3 tbsp. mayonnaise, dill, red pepper.

How to cook the peppers with cheese. Cut off the stem of the peppers, remove the partitions and seeds. On a grater grate the cheese and regular cheese to combine everything with mayonnaise, chopped dill, pepper, whisking, if desired you can also add chopped bell pepper. Stuff the peppers with the weight of that consolidated spoon the filling, remove the chill at least 2 hours before serving, cut into slices.

Another interesting option is to stuff the peppers whole foods.

Recipe snacks from pepper, stuffed with egg and cheese

picture - Cold appetizers of stuffed peppers

You will need: 150-200 grams of cheese, 3 pepper, 3 eggs, 5-6 cloves of garlic, mayonnaise.

How to make a snack of pepper with egg. Cut the peppers elite from the stem, remove the seeds. Cheese grate and mix with crushed garlic, mayonnaise. Eggs boiled hard-boiled. Distribute the cheese filling inside of the pepper, put in the middle of a whole egg. Remove the peppers in the fridge for 2-3 hours before serving, chop the peppers soaked in cold water to thin knife into slices 0.5 cm thick.

Based on this recipe, you can stuff the peppers and other foods, including meat and vegetables, etc.

A tasty snack, stuffed peppers is very easy, try it!

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