Yeast pancakes "Russian"

→ Yeast pancakes "Russian"

picture - Yeast pancakes "Russian"

40 g yeast

3 glass milk
what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show

3 glass flour

1 glass water

2-3 eggs

3-4 tbsp. butter

1-2 tbsp. sugar

1 pinch of salt

In a bowl pour the water (warm), add 1 teaspoon sugar, stir to crumble the yeast, stir well until smooth, gradually add the flour (1 Cup), mixing thoroughly.

Cover the bowl with a towel, leave the mixture in a warm place.

Melt butter, mix with sugar, the yolks, add the butter and the yolks in the dough, add salt, mix well.

Enter the flour and milk, as follows: to add half a Cup of flour, then half a Cup of milk, each time carefully mixing the dough, so to enter all the milk and flour.

Cover the dough with a towel and leave in a warm place, when it will rise, stir again to leave, then the dough rise again, then you need to add the whites beaten with salt and gently mix all the ingredients, leave the dough, so it is up again.

Immediately bake pancakes, lifting the dough with a ladle from the bottom to its top, pouring it in the center of a preheated frying pan with butter.

Bake yeast pancakes "Russians" from two sides, brush with butter and place one on each dish.

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