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Walnuts together with garlic to scroll several times in a meat grinder. Add in scrolled nuts Imereti saffron, utsho suneli, red pepper, garlic, salt and vinegar or pomegranate juice. All choir…Osho stir until smooth, then add boiled cold water. Bage to try, spices should be felt. If not enough, you will need to add. Bage consistency should be very liquid cream.

1. The nuts should be chopped as finely as possible. I have to walnut features mesh (grinder) in which holes with a diameter of 1.5-mm These veins do we have for such things and then sell on the market.
2. In Bage the most IMPORTANT THING IS NUTS, because they give a taste to the whole dish. They should be white, fatty and delicious.
3. Imereti saffron, too, must be finely ground powder.

This sauce is ideal with fish, chicken, Turkey

Preparation time: 20 minutes

How to choose a meat grinder. We'll show you.

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