Chicken roll with cheese

→ Chicken roll with cheese

picture - Chicken roll with cheese

3 Pita ( leaf)

200 g Chicken meat (preferably, fillet )

4-5 Eggs ( stuff, cooked hard-boiled)

100-150 g Cheese ()

1 Mayonnaise ( medium pack)
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

30 g Greens (any available, up to a total weight)

The greens need to finely chop and mix with grated egg, chicken is manually divided into fibers, and cheese to grate it in a separate plate. The order of the calculations is the following: lays down the first sheet of pita bread, smeared with mayonnaise and evenly filled with chicken meat. Top the second layer, also liberally smeared with mayonnaise and lined with herbs and eggs. The third sheet should also be smeared with mayonnaise and put a layer of cheese. Then charged layered plate neatly folded in a roll, wrapped in foil and infuse in the refrigerator for not less than 10-13 hours.

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