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650 g beef (tenderloin)

4 PCs egg

40 g animal fat melted

20 g margarine or butter melted

100 g the horseradish root


200 g tomatoes or canned


ground pepper

greens (sprigs) - for processing

From cut right angle cut steak with a thickness of 20-30 mm, slightly beat, sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Fry the steak in a pan with hot fat. Once the crust is formed, reduce heat and cook meat until tender. Readiness is determined by puncture of the plug is released during this juice should be transparent. Optionally, you can cook a steak with blood - then the juice will be red, or steak propagandy - so that in the center of the meat was still pink (when pressing stands out pink juice).

In a hot frying pan with margarine produce eggs and fry scrambled eggs. Salt only protein, yolk, sprinkle with pepper.

The horseradish root is cleaned and rubbed on a coarse grater or plane with a sharp knife long thin strips.

When serving steak stack on a plate, pour meat sochka, served with roasted potatoes, tomatoes and sliced horseradish. On top of the steak put a fried egg. Decorate with a sprig of greenery.

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