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One of the most famous in the world of meat is beef steak - it is extremely popular in various countries around the world. How to cook delicious and juicy beef steak - read in this recipe.

It is known that such a dish as steak was invented back in the early days of ancient Rome. There's a temple during rituals of sacrifice on lattices priests fried big pieces of beef and pinned them on divine altar. After the Millennium steak became popular in the UK - in the 15th century. First recipe for cooking steak was published in 1460 in one of the books of recipes, well below the technology of cooking meat began to spread across Europe. Truly popularized steak Americans who consecrated him a national dish.

Today eat steaks in the world, is one of the most popular meat dishes. Meat for it is taken only choice - of the best parts of beef. Perfect for steak boneless beef pulp and nerves of "intercostal" area, it is easy to buy in any specialty store with a wide selection of meat. Of course, it is better if the meat for steak will be purchased in the form of non-frozen and refrigerated.

Technology of preparation of beef steak depends on the desired degree of roasting meat. The most popular - "medium" (medium), in addition to it, there are several degrees (�rare� - with blood, �rare� - deep-fried, etc.). With an average degree of roasting meat on the outside should have a delicious crust evenly brown, but when you allocate pink fragrant juice.

Despite the fact that the steak - it is, in fact, just browned on both sides of a piece of meat, its preparation is considered a very difficult undertaking, requiring skill and knowledge of many subtleties. However, not everything is so terrible - even having a little cooking experience is quite able to cook a delicious beef steak, as always - you only need a good recipe!

Recipe for cooking beef steak

picture - Beef steak

You will need: 800g beef pulp, 50g vegetable oil, black pepper, salt.

How to cook a steak. Clean up the beef from the film with a knife, running cold water rinse, put on a paper towel to get wet. Cut the meat across the grain into steaks for 2-3 cm thick. Coat with pieces of meat with vegetable oil, rub pepper and leave for 1 hour. Preheat pan over high heat with a thick bottom and walls without overheating too much, put the meat (it is already greased), fry the steaks for 30 seconds, first with one hand, then the other (this will "seal" meat fibers to beef not flowed juice during cooking), then turn the meat on the first side, to make a medium heat and fry for 4-5min, back flip and fry the same. Cooked meat in a frying pan cover, removing from heat and leave for 10 minutes to "mature" before serving.

Steak to get the "blood", fry the meat after the "sealing" on each side for 2-3 minutes, for a strong preparation - for 5-6min. When frying steaks you can sprinkle with herbs and spices - rosemary, thyme, oregano, etc. Salted steak just before serving - never when properly prepared, it is not salted at pickling or at the beginning of cooking.

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