The secrets of the most delicious steak recipes and dishes

→ The secrets of the most delicious steak recipes and dishes

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Steak is one of the world's most popular meat dishes, which I love everyone who eats meat. Therefore, every self-respecting cook must know how to cook it, and make it tasty.

The name "steak" (from the English. �eef - "" beef, steaks - "piece" or we already familiar with the word "steak"), suggests that this steak cooked beef. In fact, it is a piece of fried or reported until tender grilled beef - it's very simple. But in order for such a seemingly simple dish turned out really tasty, you need to know the secrets of its preparation, because the beef, as you know, meat is not easy, and its very easy to make dry and rubbery.

How to cook a steak

Technology cook steak starts with the selection of high-quality meat (in any case not frozen, fresh). To select the best steaks from the head part of the tenderloin, or the flesh of the thighs, back - those parts that are most juicy. The best choice is considered to be on both sides of the spine fillet, apparently representing a round oblong muscle.

Next, the meat you need to prepare: cut for steak beef need across, not along the fibers is very important. As a rule, before cooking the meat is marinated with lemon juice, vinegar, vegetable oil, mustard, sauces, spices - it all depends on your taste and used prescription options may be too much.

When the meat is ready for frying, the fun begins. Steaks are divided into various types according to the degree of roasting and cooking ready:

  • Blood (rare) - is characterized by red meat juice, meat medium-rare myself (prepared at 200 �C for 2-3 minutes);
  • Medium-rare myself (medium rare) - juice pronounced pink meat subprogramme (prepared at 190-200 �C for 4-5 minutes);
  • Medium - juice is pink, but is closer to transparent, this meat sredneprozharenny (prepared at 180 �C for 6-7 minutes);
  • Almost done (medium well) - the juice is already pure transparent (prepared at 180 �C for 8-9 minutes);
  • Cooked (well done) - well-cooked meat, almost no juice (fried at 180 �C for 8-9 minutes and digitalised in steam).

It is the desired type of steak determines how long to cook the meat, but we must not forget that at the time of preparation affects the thickness of the steak - the bigger it is, the longer it needs to cook, and the selected type of meat, the tenderloin is cooked faster flank or rump.

Keeping all these nuances in mind, focusing on the ins and outs of cooking beef, you can prepare delicious steaks, which will not dry or hard.

Recipes for delicious steak

picture - The secrets of the most delicious steak recipes and dishes

Of course, the steaks are different not only in terms of the degree of roasting: distinguish and chopped steak (minced meat or meat), their deep-fried in batter, egg, etc. We will talk about different recipes for steaks.

The classic recipe steak

You will need: 160g beef, 150g garnish, 50g beef broth concentrate, 15g horseradish root, 10g butter, pepper, salt.

How to cook a classic steak. Thickness in the portion of sirloin cut into steaks 2-3cm thick, then beat them to a thickness of 1.5-2cm, giving a round or oval shape. RUB the meat with salt and pepper, fry in a pan with butter or margarine 7-15 min until the desired degree of toasting on both sides. Ready to put the steak on a plate, garnish with fried potatoes and top with horseradish RUB, pour over meat meat broth and butter.

Recipe chopped steak with onions

picture - The secrets of the most delicious steak recipes and dishes

You will need: 600g garnish, g beef, 240g onion, 80g fat/fat beef internal 60g melted butter, pepper, salt.

How to make chopped steak with onions. Meat finely chop or grind in a meat grinder (preferably chopped), to combine with finely chopped bacon, stir, pepper and salt, sformovat beef steaks thickness of 1.5-cm finely chop the Onion in a pan heat ghee, put the steaks impose onions, cook until desired doneness, stirring onions and turning the meat. Garnish when serving fried or boiled potatoes, beans or pasta.

The taste of any meat dish, as you know, depends on how the meat is prepared and what sauce it is paired. The following recipe will allow you to cook a steak for gourmets.

Recipe steak sauce-marinade

You will need: 125g beef, 4 tbsp butter, 3 tbsp black pepper 2 tbsp olive oil and brandy, 1 tbsp concentrated beef broth 2 tsp. salt ? Cup sweet white wine.

How to cook a steak with sauce. Cut from the beef tenderloin all the fat, cut it into two portions of the piece by 5cm thick, RUB with pepper and salt, fry in a pan with hot olive oil on both sides, then to desired doneness bring to medium heat. Put the meat on a plate, pan, where it was roasting, pour the brandy, wine, broth and bring to a boil, stir and pour over meat.

Well, the last two in our article, recipe for beef in a variety of sauces, whereby the dish turns out very tender and tasty. Take these recipes on note - cooked him meals suitable for any holiday.

Recipe baked in mushroom sauce steak

picture - The secrets of the most delicious steak recipes and dishes

You will need: 240g beef, 100 g onion, 50 g mushrooms, 10g vegetable oil, 1 boiled egg, Bay leaf, pepper, salt.

How to cook a steak in mushroom sauce. Fry the steak, put in a baking dish. Fry the onions until light taromenane in the same pan. Fry the mushrooms or boil them. Egg cut into small pieces, combine with onions and mushrooms, stir, pepper and salt. Put the mixture on the meat, bake in the oven until light Golden brown.

Recipe steak in sour cream

You will need: 1kg beef tenderloin, 4 onions, a pinch of grated lemon zest and a tablespoon of sour cream, vegetable oil, black pepper, parsley, salt.

How to cook a steak in sour cream. Chop the meat into 4 steaks, but not beat, RUB pepper and salt for 30 minutes to leave, then with a small amount of oil from two sides to fry. In the same pan fry until taromenane onion, top lay the steaks, pour over the cream and sprinkle with lemon zest, herbs, put out a couple of minutes and remove from heat and serve with salad and garnish.

The steak is cooking classics, and international, wherever you travel you will find this dish on the menu of good restaurants. Entertain home and friends in this wonderful dish at the holidays or for a regular dinner, they will appreciate it!

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