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picture - Barbecue chickenWe are all accustomed to(or rather often skewers do with vinegar). Although it is believed that the vinegar softens the meat is not the case. If the meat is soft and fresh that vinegar is not needed. Want to offer a recipe for chicken kebabs.

chicken thighs,
the mayonnaise.
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

Chicken legs to separate from the bones. If you sear on reshotko, then pieces it is better to do a little more flat. If on skewers, how do you usually cut on skewers. Onion large rings poshinkovat, meat add salt, red and black pepper. Pour mayonnaise. all of this a lot, move a few minutes by hand. this is necessary in order to spices and mayonnaise well absorbed into the meat .Mayonnaise should be so much, that he Abalakova each piece of meat. no more.

You can also marinate and rabbit. And then marinade the chicken and rabbit can be put in the oven only if the cook in the oven, it is best to all this, add the garlic. The most convenient that marinated the meat so no need to wait until the next day until it is ready. 3 hours and you can fry the kebabs, although we sometimes less than expected. This marinade can add the tomatoes. A couple of pieces cut in the marinade circles and add a little whole pomodorini, then on a skewer, alternately with onion and meat. Yummy!!!!

I want to add that the meat before marinating don't forget to wash, and meat should not be frozen. Mayonnaise take only one you've tried.

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