Dumplings Tartar "Semachiah"

→ Dumplings Tartar "Semachiah"

picture - Dumplings Tartar "Semachiah"

150 g flour
some flour to choose? we'll show

100 ml water / broth

4 eggs



If selected for cooking dumplings soup, it should be cooked in a small amount of beef or lamb.

Take a medium-sized container, pour the flour, make a hole in the center, to drive an egg, add a little bit warm broth (previously it podsolit) Knead the dough liquid consistency.

Preparing dumplings Tatar "Semachiah" as follows: dough scooped with a spoon and falls into the boiling broth, boil the dumplings until bubbling.

If dumplings in broth add fried onions and carrots and diced potatoes, delicious soup to get interesting.

Cook the dumplings can be such as wheat, and from pea, lentil and buckwheat flour.

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