Lean bean patties with mushroom sauce

→ Lean bean patties with mushroom sauce

picture - Lean bean patties with mushroom sauce

300 g boiled beans

300 g mushrooms

2 garlic clove

2 onions large

1 carrots

2 tbsp. mayonnaise meatless
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

1 tbsp. flour

greens (optional)

spices (to taste)



One onion peel, finely chopped, carrots clean, RUB on a grater, to passionate onions and carrots in butter, then mix with beans.

Cut the cooled mixture into the meat grinder, add the garlic and herbs, and salt, add in the cooked bean minced parsley.

Molded patties, breaded in bread crumbs on both sides and fry in a pan until Golden brown.

Mushrooms finely chopped, together with the second onion, fry in butter, sprinkle with flour, stir, add vegetable mayonnaise, stir until the desired consistency is diluted with water or bean broth, bring to boil, to boil.

Serve lean bean patties with mushroom sauce, watering them with the sauce before serving.

How to choose a meat grinder. We'll show you.

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