3 recipes are easy and delicious vegetable soup

→ 3 recipes are easy and delicious vegetable soup

picture - 3 recipes are easy and delicious vegetable soup

There just does not appear borscht recipes for centuries of this wonderful dish. This soup is cooked on weekdays and on holidays in a particularly rich options, and in the post when it was necessary to avoid animal products. So today soup - a soup for all occasions, and by some of his recipes, you can cook it on a holiday, and on a normal day, ive post. We talk today about the most delicious meatless borscht recipes.

Even cooked perfectly and without meat, respectively, broth vegetable soup can be very fragrant, nourishing and appetizing. What does it depend? Selected from vegetables and their number of roots, the use of various spices and herbs. Selecting the soup is not only a basic cabbage, beets, carrots, onions and potatoes, but also adding to them celery, tomato, parsley and other aromatic vegetables, roots, flavor all this sugar, garlic, basil, hops-suneli or other spices, then the taste of the soup is not "empty", and very rich. Let's get started.

Vegetable soup recipe is a classic

picture - 3 recipes are easy and delicious vegetable soup

You will need: 2 beets, potato tuber and tomato, 1 carrot, onion and bay leaf? medium head of cabbage, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon salt, sugar and vinegar taste.

How to cook meatless soup classic. Cut the potatoes into cubes, carrots, beets and onions chop sticks, cut the cabbage into thin strips, remove the peel tomatoes, cut into dice the flesh, passed through the press garlic. In a saucepan capacity 2n bring to a boil the water, salt the her, put cabbage with potatoes, make a small fire. In a frying pan on the hot oil to put carrots and onions, fry 5min, put half beets, drizzle with vinegar, sprinkle with sugar, stir and make a minimum heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Rest beets pour boiling water, pour 1ch.l. vinegar and leave to infuse - get beet juice, which will help make the color richer soup. Put the tomatoes in the pan, and salt the pepper and simmer, covered vegetables still 20min, then put them in a pot to the cabbage and potatoes, also put a laurel, enhance the fire, bring to a boil, put the garlic, cover with the lid and remove the soup from heat. Before serving leave the soup to infuse 10 minutes, then fill it with beet juice and mix well.

This is a basic recipe for vegetable soup, which can be modified in its sole discretion, adding to the formulation of other vegetables and spices. Well, we will look at further options for this soup, cooked in broth, but, of course, meat and vegetables. The basis for the broth can be beans or mushrooms - beans gives density and mushrooms - aroma, so often for nourishing vegetarian borscht use both at the same great product.

For the first recipe you can also cook the broth, boil in water to bookmark soup ingredients whole onion, celery, peppers, peas or other products normally used to prepare vegetable broth.

Recipe for making vegetable soup with beans and mushrooms with vegetable broth

picture - 3 recipes are easy and delicious vegetable soup

Need: 2l of water, 200g fresh mushrooms or 50g dried mushrooms, cabbage 150g, 6-10 pieces of prunes, 2 potato tuber, 1 beet, onion and carrot? cup dry beans, 2 tablespoons tomato paste, sugar, pepper, vegetable oil, herbs, salt.

How to cook vegetable soup with beans and mushrooms. The washed beans overnight cover with cold water, then in the same water put on the fire and cook for about an hour - it should be very soft inside, but retain the shape of the outside. In bean soup (bean itself to get out of it, otherwise seethe), add sliced potatoes into cubes. Half onion and carrot finely chopped, fried in butter 5 min, add the tomato paste and put out until soft. Cut into thin strips the second half of the carrots and beets put out on the other pan 5 min, then add washed and shredded prunes, put another 2 min, then add both zazharki soup. The second half of the bulbs with mushrooms fry (if using dried mushrooms, then they need to soak in the same water to boil, then get out of the broth, which flows into the bean broth, and put into the soup at the end). Put in a pot cabbage, mushrooms and beans, season with salt, sugar, pepper and boil for 10 minutes over low heat, covered, 20 minutes before serving to give it brew and season greens.

The above recipe is interesting because in addition to standard products, mushrooms and beans is also prunes - it gives a distinctive flavor to vegetable soup and interesting flavor notes that like it very much. Well, the following recipe is original in that its formulation used Hercules and pickles.

Recipe for vegetable soup with porridge and pickles

Need: 5 potatoes, 3 handfuls of oats, 2 carrots averages? medium head of cabbage, pickles, spices, vegetable oil, herbs, salt, sugar.

How to cook vegetable soup with cucumbers and Hercules. In a saucepan, boil water 3-4L capacity by filling it three-quarters podsolit, put the shredded cabbage and finely rolled oats, half beets, cut into strips her, and boil all 10-15min. In a saucepan omit potatoes, cut it into cubes or cube. Onion and carrot fry until tender in butter, add the second half of shredded beets? tablespoons sugar, if desired, you can also add the tomatoes without the skin. Put out the vegetables in a pan under the lid 5 min, then put in the soup, boil for 2-3 minutes, add chopped pickles, spices, soup boil for another 3-5min, season with herbs before serving.

Before you lay in the soup for softness cucumbers can be simmered with water.

That's such can be vegetable soup - very diverse, delicious, fragrant. Try to cook any of the available vegetable soup, and who knows, maybe you and your family will enjoy this version a lot more meat.

Bon Appetite!

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