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Hello dear hostesses, cooks, and just the readers of the site ovkuse! Still apricot season, I will show recipe for apricot cake. I already told you a few recipes that used this berry, it was lazy dumplings, pie with apricots, pancakes, milkshakes and cheese souffle. Today abrikoskos I prepared sarnicki. The taste was so unexpected and amazing, when you eat one cheeseburger, it is impossible to put down. And the color! Golden-orange! Beauty, just look not to take. And I want to watch them and watch.
Well, I will naterpetsya to share with you the recipe of cooking. Let's get to the recipe.


  • 300 g cottage cheese
  • 1 PCs egg
  • 2 tbsp. flour
    150 g apricots
    3 tbsp. sugar

  • salt, vegetable oil

Method of preparation:

Cheese, flour, egg, salt, sugar put in a deep dish.
picture - Apricot cake

Knead the curd dough until smooth.
picture - Apricot cake

Apricots, swill, cut into small pliers and send in the dough.

On a Board sprinkled with flour, lay out a portion of the curd mass.
picture - Apricot cake

Generated cernicek. I first roll the dough into a ball and then pressed and tidy laesecke.
picture - Apricot cake

In a hot pan with vegetable oil, put sarnicki and fry them on both sides until nicely orange.
picture - Apricot cake

Serve the cakes can be anything according to your taste and preference. I really like to eat them with sour cream, and it is possible to enhance the apricot taste to eat them with apricot jam.

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