Vegetable pickle: 3 easy and delicious recipe

→ Vegetable pickle: 3 easy and delicious recipe

picture - Vegetable pickle: 3 easy and delicious recipe

During fasting want to eat varied and tasty, and lean cuisine, fortunately, this allows you only need to know the recipes, and then dietary restrictions will not seem quite so heavy. In this article we will talk about cooking vegetable pickle.

Pickle for many is one of my favorite soups that, including, due to the fact that acidic taste good warm, and this is very important in the cold season. This hearty and thick taste and saturates, and vigor charges and forces, and energizes in General, the miracle, not the soup, and the same applies to lean its variants!

Delicious vegetable pickle is prepared on a rich mushroom or vegetable broth. To do this easily broth of dried mushrooms that you like, or you can just cook the vegetable broth, using a maximum of roots.

The first recipe: Classic vegetable pickle with pearl barley

picture - Vegetable pickle: 3 easy and delicious recipe

You will need: 2-2,5 liters of water, 4-5 potatoes, 4-5 peppercorns, 2 cucumber, 1 onion, carrots and Bay leaf, ? Cup cucumber brine ?-1/3 Cup pearl barley.

How to make a simple vegetable pickle. Washed barley pour boiling water and 40min to leave to swell. Water to pour into the pan, put the steamed groats, on a slow fire to boil until soft. To razmestivshiesya the barley add diced potatoes, Laurel, peppercorn, salt lightly. On a coarse grater grate the carrot, chop the onions, fry them in butter or cooking water until soft. Thinly or diced chopped cucumbers, together with passerelli to put in the soup when the potatoes are ready. Pour into soup brine at the very end of cooking, bring the soup until tender.

For any pickle is the rule: cucumbers in this soup are placed when other foods are already cooked - potatoes, for example, is cooked in an acidic environment, if you put the cucumbers before it is ready.

Better if before putting it in the soup you clean pickles, fill peel a small amount of water and cook for 10-15min, and then in the broth from the bowl heats up the cucumbers another 10-15 minutes until soft.

The second recipe: Vegetable pickle with rice

You will need: 4 cucumber, 2 potatoes and carrots, 1 onion, rice, green onions, garlic, tomato paste, cilantro, parsley and dill, vegetable oil.

How to cook vegetable pickle with rice. Bring in a saucepan with a capacity of 2-3l of water to boil, adding some salt it, put the sliced potatoes. Wash rice after 10 minutes after laying potatoes also put in the water. On a grater grate the carrot, chop finely the onion, chop the garlic, saute vegetables in butter or then adding water to enter the tomato paste, warm up 5min and put zazharku in the pan. On a grater grate the cucumbers, put in the soup to finish the potatoes with rice. Chop all the vegetables, add to the soup to give before serving to infuse for 5 minutes.

Of course, the "king" of all lean stewed vegetables can be called a version of this soup with mushrooms cooked in rich mushroom broth made from dried mushrooms, which you can buy in any store.

The third recipe: Vegetable mushroom pickle

picture - Vegetable pickle: 3 easy and delicious recipe

You will need: 10 dried mushrooms, 8 potatoes, 5-6 glasses of water, 2-3 cucumber, 2 onions, 1 parsley root, ? small celery root, 2 tbsp. oil, 1 tsp. flour, spices to taste, parsley, and salt.

How to cook vegetable pickle with dried mushrooms. Rinse the mushrooms and pour warm boiled water, soak in water for 1-2H, then it boil until cooked, remove the mushrooms and broth. To bring the volume of liquid to soup up to 2l, adding to the mushroom broth to the desired amount of water, bring to boil, put the chopped medium-sized potatoes, again bring to a boil and put the fried vegetables (onion, parsley root and celery - cut into strips to saut until soft in butter). Cooked mushrooms cut into strips, also put in the soup, cook over low heat for 10-15 min. Pickles peel, finely chopped and simmered in a part of the broth from the soup until tender, put in the soup, when all the products will be ready. Flour calcined in a dry frying pan until a light nutty smell, pour into the prepared soup and stir. Season the soup with parsley before serving.

There are many recipes vegetable pickle, but to tell about each of them there is no need - using as a basis the proposed recipes, you can prepare any of these soups. Simply add or remove from the formulation of some ingredients according to your taste. Bon appetit and variety you lean table!

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