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→ Interesting baking: potato buns

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Did you try sometime potato buns? No? Then by all means try - this original pastry is easy to cook and like very much!

We've learned that rolls can be yeast or flaky, sweet and fresh, large or small, with or without stuffing, vegetable buns but somehow not really at the hearing. However, these rolls are noteworthy - they are as delicious as the other, and for someone even more!

Vegetable rolls can be prepared with a variety of vegetables - cabbage, carrots, beets, corn, onions, etc., but we will talk about today determine their form - potato vegetable buns.

Potato rolls are prepared on the basis of raw or cooked potatoes in grated form or as a puree and potato from dry (by means of which the boiling mash). Typically, the technology consists in that the potatoes in any form is mixed with flour and other ingredients for the dough, and then baked buns molded - i.e. everything is very simple, you need to, as they say, only want to! So pass directly to the recipes.

The recipe is simple potato muffins

picture - Interesting baking: potato buns

You will need: 300g of flour, 200g of boiled potatoes, 175g of water from the potatoes or just water, 40g fresh or 7r dry yeast, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tsp salt, sesame seeds.

How to cook a simple potato bun. In a warm potato or regular water to dissolve yeast and sugar. Potatoes cool and clean if boiled in their skins, rub it on a grater or pyurirovat. Sift the flour to the potatoes, add butter and salt, add the yeast and begin to interfere - knead the dough elastic cling to the hands, if you want to podsypaya more flour. Leave the dough to warm 40-45min, then molded from his balls and put them into molds (if they are iron, brush them with oil, silicone is not lubricated), brush the top of the buns with sweet tea, sprinkle with sesame seeds. Leave buns proofing for 15min, then after the increase in size to put in a hot oven for 20-25min. Get hot muffins from the molds, cool. These rolls can be served with sweet additions - jam, jam, etc.

Recipe potato cheese muffins

You will need: 250g cottage cheese, potato tuber 3-4, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons butter, 1 tbsp cream, salt.

How to cook a potato-cheese muffins. Raw potato peel and rub on a fine grater, gently squeeze of juice. Rub the cottage cheese and mix with potatoes, cream and salt. Molded from the prepared mass round buns, put on a baking sheet, greased, bake until browning in a preheated oven temperature average about half an hour.

These scones are served hot, watered melted butter.

Recipe rolls with mashed potatoes

picture - Interesting baking: potato buns

You will need: 400g flour 50g on vegetable oil and mashed potatoes, fresh yeast 25g, 100g sugar, 1 liter of water? tsp salt, stuffing - 100g of sunflower seeds and bran, 50 g of vegetable oil, salt.

How to cook rolls with mashed potatoes. In warm water to dissolve the yeast and sugar when they dissolve, combine the mixture with flour mixed with salt and mashed potatoes and knead the dough. Give the dough to come in heat, divide the dough into pieces for 50g, roll each piece into a thin pancake. In a frying pan ignited bran, add butter, salt the mix and sprinkle cooked cakes (1 tsp), and sprinkle each? tsp seeds, roll the cake in the tube, and the tube - in the "snail", put the buns on the laid parchment or greased baking sheet and leave for proofing for 30-40min, then bake until browning in a preheated 200 degree oven.

Likewise, you can make muffins with other fillings - just replace the bran and seeds for something else to your taste.

Well, the last one in our story about the potato buns recipe - the multi-component: here and onions, and cheese, and even bacon. In general, the buns for true connoisseurs of the baking dish.

Recipe potato rolls with onion and bacon

You will need: 175g flour 125g mashed potatoes, at 50g butter and grated cheese, such as Parmesan, 3 slices of bacon, onions and 1-poreyu and egg yolk on 2st.l. milk and fresh thyme, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 2 tsp baking powder, black pepper, salt.

How to cook a potato bun with bacon. Heat oven to 220 degrees, heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the leek and bacon, cut into medium-sized them to a crisp. Stir the flour and baking powder, add the butter pieces and grind everything into crumbs, then report to all other products, except egg and knead the dough uniform. Put the dough on a floured surface powdered, hands flatten to a thickness of 1 cm, cut a round mold 6cm in diameter 10 circles from the dough, put them on a baking sheet and coat with beaten egg yolk and bake 10-15min until muffins will not rise.

Potato scones - delicious pastries that will delight your entire family! Try to cook them on the proposed recipes and you will not be disappointed, good luck to prepare!

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