"Napoleon" with mushrooms and chicken

→ "Napoleon" with mushrooms and chicken

picture - "Napoleon" with mushrooms and chicken

200 g canned mushrooms

100 ml cream cream

4 carrots

4 eggs

3 onions

2 boneless chicken breasts

4 Art. l. cream further

4 Art. l. Cream Cheese


1 sweet red pepper

black olives


One onion peel, with breasts to grind in a blender, add the raw eggs and 4 tbsp cream, spices to taste, mix thoroughly.

Form for baking vystelit baking paper, put the chicken mixture, bake until golden brown at 200 degrees, then give Korzh cool and cut it into 4 pieces along to get 4 cakes, or divide the ingredients for the cakes in half and bake two cakes at a time, and each cut in half.

Carrots clean, rub on a fine grater and fry with onions 1 head.

Mushrooms cut and fry separately with the latest onions, season with spices to taste.

Lay on a flat dish first cake on it - half the carrots and onions on top - the second cake on it and mushrooms and onions, then the third, and the rest of the cake carrots and onions, cover the 4th Korzh.

Combine cream cheese and cream to cream, add garlic to taste, pepper and salt, smear cake on all sides.

Before serving on the New Year's table to remove the "Napoleon" with mushrooms and chicken in the fridge for a few hours soaking.

To soften the pepper 2 minutes to warm up in the microwave, cut circles out of it using the form, chilled "Napoleon" with mushrooms and chicken decorate with flowers of the circles pepper, cucumber and olives.

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