Pancakes with eggs and carrots

→ Pancakes with eggs and carrots

picture - Pancakes with eggs and carrots

2-3 carrots

2-3 eggs

2 eggs for test

2 glass flour
some flour to choose? we'll show

2 glass milk

1 glass sour cream

2-3 Art. l. vegetable oil

2 Art. l. Vegetable oil for the test

2 Art. l. sugar

ground black pepper


With sugar and salt rub egg dough, add the sifted flour and mix to a lump-free mass was, pour in the milk gradually, stirring, then vegetable oil.

Sprinkle with salt pan, heat, fry the pancakes in the usual way, turning when the edges of the dough will rise.

Carrots clean, rub on a coarse grater, put on a heated pan with vegetable oil and fry.

Boil hard boiled eggs, chopped finely, add to the stew of carrots, pepper and salt, stir and give mass to cool.

Spread stuffing on pancakes, roll them tubes.

With these pancakes Pancake is delicious and light, before serving pancakes with eggs and carrots need to fry in a pan with butter, served hot with sour cream or butter.

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