Homemade bread with walnuts: 4 recipe healthy baking

→ Homemade bread with walnuts: 4 recipe healthy baking

picture - Homemade bread with walnuts: 4 recipe healthy baking

Walnut is very useful, homemade bread is even better. If you connect two of these products, it will be useful, but also very delicious cakes that will delight the whole family. In this article, we describe the preparation of bread with walnuts in the bread machine, and without it.

At home in our present with you today is prepared in two ways: in the bread machine and without it in the oven. Both methods are good, each in their own way. So, bread significantly simplifies the process - no need to knead the dough to spend on making bread a long time. But prepared with his own hands the bread is truly a home that will absorb energy hostesses and will have a very special taste. So all its pros and cons, as they say.

Bread with walnuts is a great option useful homemade cakes. It can be prepared from whole wheat, plain flour and buckwheat or rye flour. The choice is yours!

The first recipe: Bread from wheat flour with walnuts and cheese (in the oven)

You will need: 300g of flour 180ml warm water, 100g walnuts peeled, 50 g cheese (preferably Parmesan), 1 tbsp dry yeast ? tbsp. of salt, 1H.l. sugar.

How to make homemade wheat bread with walnuts. Sift flour 2 times, mix with dry yeast, sugar, salt, add grated on a fine grater cheese, ground nuts, in the center of the flour mixture to make a hole, pour the warm water. Knead the dough, picking up the flour from the edges of the holes in the water, the dough should have a non-sticky, elastic, slightly shiny, roll it into a ball, wrap and warm to leave for proofing for 1-2H. Increased lightly knead the dough, to give more time to come up, put in the form of bread, sprinkled with flour, on top of the dough to make a lattice using a sharp knife, sprinkle with water and leave until the dough will not rise, covered with a cloth. The risen dough to place in a preheated 180 degree oven and bake about 40 minutes until tender.

The willingness of bread, vytekauschaya in the oven, checked a long wooden stick: it must remain dry after puncture of bread, without sticky crumbs.

Any kind of bread with walnuts can act as a dessert - if you grease it with jam or jam and eat with tea, and the role snacks - if you put on the cheese, grease paste, etc. In any case, what role it played, this product will bring great benefit to the body, especially if you cook it not wheat, and whole wheat, rye or buckwheat flour.

The second recipe: Homemade bread with walnut buckwheat flour (bread machine)

You will need: g wheat flour, ml water, 75g buckwheat flour, 50g walnuts peeled, 2 tbsp olive oil 1.5 tbsp dry milk 3 tsp. molasses, 1,5 teaspoon of salt, 1H.l. dry yeast ? tsp. sugar.

How to make bread with walnuts in the bread machine. Specified in the instructions for the bread machine sequence put all the ingredients into the bowl of bread. Flour is first necessary to sift, grind nuts, all products must be room temperature. Enable the "native" mode, set the parameter "Average crust". Cool bread prepared on the grill, cover with a towel.

The next version of bread with walnuts - wholegrain, he also prepared using the bread machine, but in this case, all the work is not entirely on the device.

The third recipe: Whole wheat bread with walnuts (in the bread machine)

picture - Homemade bread with walnuts: 4 recipe healthy baking

You will need: for the dough - 100ml of warm water, 180g flour 1 or higher grades ? spoons of sugar, and 1.5 tsp. dry yeast for bread - dough all, 250g wholegrain wheat flour, 150ml warm water, 100g walnuts, 2st.l. honey and olive oil ? tsp. salt.

How to make whole wheat bread with walnuts. In the bowl of a bread machine to load all products for sourdough, enable "Dumplings" and to give the device 10 polymerisate the dough, then leave it for 1 hour to rise. Chop finely chopped nuts, add them along with all the other ingredients for the bread in the dough, enable cookies "Main" to set light crust, the size of the bread is medium. Ready to put the bread on the grill, allow it to cool.

Well, the latest in our collection of bread with walnuts recipe does not require a bread machine that will delight all who have this device no. This delicious rye bread with walnuts.

The fourth recipe: Rye bread with walnuts (in the oven)

You will need: 400g wheat flour, 200 g rye flour, 120g walnuts peeled, 30-40 yeast fresh (not dry!), 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and sugar ? tbsp. of salt, warm water - as you leave the egg for coating the bread, walnuts for decoration.

How to make homemade rye bread with walnuts in the oven. Dissolve the fresh yeast in small amount of warm water, vsypav sugar. Chop the nuts. Both types of flour, mix well, add nuts and salt. In the center of the flour to make a recess in it to pour in the yeast mixture, begin kneading the dough, then gradually add another 1.5-2 cups of warm water, kneading the dough - it should be rather gentle, soft. At the end of the mixing pour in the dough the butter and knead it. Give the dough to grow at room temperature, sprinkle with his flour and cover with a towel, you can put it in a preheated 30-40 degree oven. When the batter is ready, an increase in the amount of 2-3 times, lightly knead it, then put on a baking tray that will be baked bread, covered with parchment. Also on parchment need to sprinkle flour mixed with semolina, rye, or just one wheat flour. The dough on all sides roll in this torment and 3 part split. To shape each piece into a small oval loaf of bread to make on top of each diagonal cuts with a sharp knife (externally will be like a baton-type rifles and so on), leave on for half an hour for proofing, then coat with bread whipped egg, sprinkle with nuts, place in a preheated 220-230 degree oven (without ventilation) and bake for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 180-190 degrees, bake for 30-40min. Cool the bread on the grill.

This bread can be baked in special forms for bread.

Homemade bread is not just bread, it's a real merger, which runs the risk of simply not have enough time to cool down, because Pets can eat it hot. Aroma vytekauschaya bread in the house creates a real comfort, try and make sure that there is no better homemade bread, cooked with care and love for family!

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