Cake with prunes

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picture - Cake with prunes


130 g butter for pastry and cream - and 250 g

230 g sugar

3 pcs. egg

160 g wheat flour
some flour to choose? we'll show

1 h. l. soda hydrated

25 g Cocoa powder

400 g prune

90 g chopped walnuts

400 g condensed milk - (1 can)

Eggs rubbed with sugar until white, add the softened butter and whisk. Then introduced into the flour, stir well and add the baking soda, vinegar, slaked. The dough is kneaded and divided rapidly into two parts, one of which is added to the cocoa.

The dough was baked for 25 minutes in a greased form at 240 ° C. Finished cakes cooled, cut horizontally in half.

Prune washed, soaked in cold water for 20 minutes and then cooked until tender is removed and cut bone.

Cream butter is maintained at room temperature and beat until fluffy mass, gradually adding the condensed milk.

Finished cakes align, trim wipe.

Cakes smeared with cream and stacked on top of each other, alternately pouring chopped nuts and prunes. The upper edge of the cake and smeared with cream, sprinkle crumbs edge, surface decorate slices whole fruits and nuts prunes.

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