Raspberry-orange jam

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picture - Raspberry-orange jam

1.5 kg raspberries

1.5 kg sugar

2-3 orange

To do this, you can take the jam and more oranges, their number is determined by the taste.

Raspberries bust, rinse, dry, orange peel, disassemble into slices, remove the film, put the raspberries and oranges in a large container for cooking jam, sprinkling sugar.

Put raspberries and oranges on a plate for 5 minutes and cook, stirring, remove the foam.

When held for 5 minutes, remove from heat jam and leave for 10 minutes, then repeat the brew with a 10-minute break 3 more times.

Next crimson-orange jam is poured into sterilized jars, capped with sterile lids and put them in a cool place.

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